Orleans Town Marshal Receiving Numerous Complaints of Unrestrained Dogs

(ORLEANS) – The Orleans Police Department has received numerous complaints regarding unrestrained dogs.

Town Marshal Richard Dixon

Town Marshal Richard Dixon says allowing dogs to roam is a violation of town ordinance as well as state law. If a dog leaves the owner’s property intentionally or accidentally the owner is liable for any damages that may occur.

“Please be a responsible pet owner and control your animals,” says Town Marshal Dixon. “Please make sure your animals have all required immunizations for their well being as well as owner protection from liability. Another issue often reported is continuous barking by animals in some neighborhoods, this is also in violation of town ordinance. Town officials by ordinance can remove animals that incessantly bark and disturb neighborhood peace and quiet. Town officials want everyone to enjoy their pets but ask that animals be handled responsibly.”

Attached is the Indiana law pertaining to uncontrolled dogs, in some instances owners could be charged with misdemeanors and felony-level crimes depending on the circumstances.

Indiana Code:

(1) the owner recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally fails to take reasonable steps to restrain the dog; 

(2) the dog enters property other than the property of the dog’s owner; and 

(3) as a result of the owner’s failure to restrain the dog, the dog bites or attacks another person without provocation, resulting in bodily injury to the other person. 

(b) The offense under subsection (a) is: 

(1) a Class B misdemeanor if the person has been convicted of one (1) previous unrelated violation of this section; 

(2) a Class A misdemeanor if: 

(A) the person has been convicted of more than one (1) previous unrelated violation of this section; or 

(B) the violation results in serious bodily injury to a person; 

(3) a Level 6 felony if the owner recklessly violates this section and the violation results in the death of a person; and 

(4) a Level 5 felony if the owner intentionally or knowingly violates this section and the violation results in the death of a person. (c) This subsection does not apply to a nonaggressive dog that goes beyond the owner’s premises onto agricultural or forested land. An owner of a dog commits a Class D infraction if the owner of the dog allows the dog to stray beyond the owner’s premises, unless the dog is under the reasonable control of an individual or the dog is engaged in lawful hunting and accompanied by the owner or a custodian of the dog. However, the offense is a Class C infraction if the owner has a prior unrelated judgment for a violation of this subsection.