FDA Cosmetic Products Website Available to Public

(UNDATED) – People use a variety of cosmetic products and the FDA sees that these products are as safe as possible. Their cosmetic products website has information on different aspects of the safety of these items, including warnings about possible adverse effects. The types of cosmetic products that the FDA covers on the page are aromatherapy products, cosmetic tanning products, disposable wipes, hair products, makeup, nail care products, soaps, lotions, tattoos, temporary tattoos, and permanent makeup.

The section on aromatherapy discusses if aromatherapy products are cosmetic, drugs or both. It also details how each form of aromatherapy is categorized depending on its intended use

Another section of the site examines sunless tanners and bronzers, as well as tanning pills. The FDA states that tanning pills are not FDA approved. The page includes a description of the adverse effects of tanning pills. Sunlamps and sunlamp products, such as tanning beds and booths, are not considered cosmetics and sunscreens are categorized as drugs.

The page for tattoos highlights common types of tattoos, such as body art, permanent makeup, microblading inks, temporary tattoos, henna, and black henna. There is a description of the inks used in tattoos, some of which can be industrial grade ink suitable for printers and car paint, as well as a “Tattoos and Permanent Makeup Quick Guide.” The possible side effects of tattoos and permanent makeup include infection, granulomas, keloid formation, an increased chance of sunburn, redness, scarring, and MRI complications. The page for temporary tattoos even has a few photos of some of the possible complications.

The FDA cosmetic products website is useful for someone researching beauty methods they intend to use. Knowing what is in cosmetic products may help prevent someone from damaging their health.