Businesswoman, State Senator, and Mother of Two, Victoria Spartz, Enters Campaign for Congress in IN-05

(NOBLESVILLE) – Victoria Spartz, a no-nonsense conservative Republican State Senator and business owner, announced today that she is running for Congress in 2020 in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.

Incumbent Congresswoman Susan Brooks has announced she will not seek reelection.

“We must reverse our country from the socialistic course we are on and return to the founding principles of limited government and individual freedoms,” stated Spartz. “Our country is run by special interests, large corporate groups, and the Washington political machine. The politically connected and rich keep getting richer and everyone else is becoming more and more equally poor. Our debt is out of control, our immigration system is broken, our education system is substandard, our health care system is destroying the middle class, our criminal justice, and welfare systems are suppressing the poor, our higher education system is bankrupting young people, yet Washington D.C. is more concerned with the ‘circus’ and political drama.”

Spartz, a native of Ukraine, immigrated to the United States 20 years ago after meeting her future husband, a born and raised Hoosier, on a train in Europe. Now, married with two daughters and living in Noblesville, she and her husband, Jason, have a variety of businesses, including a commercial farm operation, and are active members of the Hamilton County community. Spartz also worked as a CPA in the Big Four public accounting firms where she handled some of the most complex Fortune 500 companies, taught at the IU Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis, and served as the CFO of the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.

In 2017, when her local state senator announced he would retire, Spartz announced she would seek the District 20 seat and was elected by caucus in a seven-way race to fill the remainder of the term.

“My unique life experiences, financial and business expertise, legislative experience, and willingness to fight against the status quo are exactly what we need in Washington, D.C. I will stand and fight with conservative and freedom-loving legislators and President Trump for liberty, justice, and opportunity for all Americans. I’ve been fortunate to experience the American Dream, but it’s getting harder and harder to reach for a lot of people,” Spartz said.

“For someone who grew up in socialism and spent all my mature life here in the United States, protecting individual liberties and rights to Life, Liberty, and Property is a hill I am willing to die on. Our Constitutional
Republic is the only dream of freedom existing in the entire world and we cannot let it vanish! I believe our greatest days are ahead of us, but we MUST reverse our collision course NOW!”

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