Public Notified Of Substance Release At Lehigh

(MITCHELL) – The Lawrence County Health Department released a statement on a petroleum release, spill or overfill at the Lehigh Cement Company on January 8, 2020.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management was notified of the release on January 30th by Lehigh Cement Company.

Heartland Environmental Associates removed a 20,000-gallon diesel underground storage tank, two fuel dispensers and approximately 20 feet of the product line from the site. The equipment was properly cleaned and removed from the site. There was no evidence of leaking or free product during the closure activities.

There was a low-level detection of naphthene. Naphthenes are a class of cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. The test showed a result of 3.8 ppb which IDEM says exceeds the required screening levels.

Groundwater and soil samples were taken for testing. Laboratory analysis did not exhibit any soil impacts that exceeded IDEM standards.

The Health Department by law is required to notify the public of the discovery of released regulated substances at an underground storage unit site.