Go Inside the Statehouse – Live – Every Friday

(STATEHOUSE) – The popular Inside the Statehouse blog, published by the Indiana Institute for Working Families, is adding live broadcasts via Zoom call every Friday during the Indiana General Assembly in 2020.

Community Action Agency professionals (as well as the general public) are invited to join the broadcasts to ask questions and hear about what is happening in the legislature that affects working families.

Use this link to join the Zoom call every Friday at noon through March 20. You can also download and import the iCalendar (ics) file to automatically populate the calls to your digital calendar.

Here’s how the Institute is advocating for working families this legislative session

The Institute staff have been working during the 2020 legislative session to create an Indiana where everyone can thrive. Below is an update to last month’s legislative-priorities chart, now including bill numbers (where available). You can track the progress of each bill at the Indiana General Assembly website.

Legislative Priority
Quality Jobs – Hoosiers need jobs with adequate wages and the ability to balance work, family, and health.Senate Bill (SB)342 -Provide a clear, affirmative right to reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers.
Meaningful Income Supports -When jobs are inadequate, hard to land, or impossible to sustain due to life circumstances, income supports are a critical lifeline.SB111 – Raise TANF eligibility to 50% of the federal poverty line, and adjust benefits for inflation.
Strong Consumer Protections -Without protection, predatory lenders will mire Hoosiers in debt they cannot repay.SB26 – Enact a 36% APR cap on payday loans. SB407 – Enact stronger protections against predatory online lending.
Stable, affordable housing – A safe and stable place to call home is critical to maintaining employment and children’s education.House Bill (HB) 1191 – Strengthen protections for vulnerable renters and homeowners.
Access to post-secondary education and training – All Hoosiers should have opportunities to develop skills in industries and careers that fit their talents and motivation. Advance policies that provide better alignment of programs and funding to reduce the academic costs and the non-academic barriers for Indiana’s adult student learners.

What you can do:

  1. TAKE ACTION. Here’s how you can get involved.

  2. Follow minute-to-minute updates on what’s happening in your legislature via social media