Two Men Arrested after Sniffing Toxic Vapors

(BEDFORD) – Two Bedford men were arrested after Bedford Police officer responded to a property damage accident at State Road 37 near 39th Street just after Noon on Tuesday.

“Once on the scene two witnesses told officers that two males that were involved in the accident left the scene walking south and described what they were wearing,” says Chief Terry Moore. “Additional officers arrived on and eventually located the two males walking near Pride Estates on Sand Pit Road.”

Joseph Dickerson

Police identified the males as 32-year-old Joseph Dickerson and 30-year-old Austin Hendrix.

Austin Hendrix

“While speaking with both suspects they appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to huffing air duster and spray paint,” says Chief Moore.

The two were transported to the Bedford Police Department.

“Once arriving on station, both accused starting complaining of neck and head pain from the accident,” says Chief Moore.

The men were transported by ambulance to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

After they were released they were arrested.

Dickerson is facing charges of public intoxication, sniffing or inhaling vapors, leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest.

Hendrix is facing charges of public intoxication and sniffing or inhaling vapors.