AG Curtis Hill Joins National Effort Against President Trump’s Impeachment

(INDIANAPOLIS) – In a letter addressed to all members of the U.S. Senate, Attorney General Curtis Hill on Wednesday described the two impeachment articles leveled against President Trump as “fundamentally flawed as a matter of constitutional law.”

Attorney General Curtis Hill

“If not expressly repudiated by the Senate, the theories animating both Articles will set a precedent that is entirely contrary to the Framers’ design,” Attorney General Hill states in the letter, which is co-written with 20 other states’ attorneys general.

The impeachment articles, the letter states, are “ruinous to the most important governmental structure protections contained in our Constitution: the separation of powers. . . . Impeachment should never be a partisan response to one party losing a presidential election. If successful, an impeachment proceeding nullifies the votes of millions of citizens. The Democrat-controlled House passing of these constitutionally-deficient articles of impeachment amounts, at bottom, to a partisan political effort that undermines the democratic process itself.”

At no point do the articles identify “high crimes and misdemeanors” that would justify impeachment, the letter states.

Attorney General Hill traveled to Washington D.C. on Wednesday to participate in a 2:30 p.m. press conference on this matter with several other states’ attorneys general.

Earlier this month, Attorney General Hill wrote an op-ed on the subject of impeachment. That op-ed is available to any outlets that wish to publish it if they simply note that it was first published at

“The cornerstone of the American criminal justice system is ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ It’s the difference between being prosecuted and being persecuted,” wrote Attorney General Hill. “I fear the process that has been followed to impeach President Trump is yet another sign that our collective sense of justice is fragile.”

The 14-page letter to the U.S. Senate is attached

impeachment letter – FINAL.pdf