Two Arrested for Dealing Meth

(BEDFORD) – Two people were arrested for dealing meth in Lawrence County early this morning.

At approximately 12:10 a.m. Investigators arrested 28-year-old Cody Feltner and 29-year-old Kimber Bridgewater, both of Bloomington, on felony charges of dealing meth and possession of meth over 28 grams.

Cody Feltner

Bloomington Police Department’s Narcotics Division worked a lengthy investigation after learning Bridgewater was trafficking large amounts of meth in the area.

Kimber Bridgewater

Officers had information Bridgewater was going to be traveling with a large amount of meth in her vehicle to Lawrence County.

Bloomington investigators requested assistance from the Indiana State Police Drug Enforcement Section and District Aces. 

Bridgewater resided on State Road 446, so detectives set up in the area and witnessed Bridgewater’s vehicle turn north onto State Road 446.  Detectives knew the vehicle was be operating with false and fictitious plates. 

Detectives radioed ahead to Trooper Caleb Garvin who initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. 

Garvin requested the assistance of Mitchell Police officer Shaun Cabral and his K-9 Jack.  Jack alerted officers to possible drugs inside the vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle, officers located more than 150 grams of meth inside the passenger door.

The couple confessed that the purpose of their trip to Louisville was to purchase 6 ounces of meth. Two puppies were also located inside the vehicle and Troopers waited at the scene until a family member arrived to take possession of the dogs.

Anyone with tips or information can contact the Lawrence County Drug Tip line.

The tip line provides law enforcement with another tool to keep residents safe.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp encourages the public to report any suspicious activity. The tip line is not just for reporting illegal drug activity but for reporting anything out of the ordinary or suspicious.

The tip line is confidential and anonymous.

The phone number is 812-545-4700. You can also email information to