“The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate, But Fear” – Rabbi Besser

(BEDFORD) –  A “ Prayful Protest” was held Saturday afternoon at the Lawrence County Courthouse to protest the literature left on Bedford’s north side last week.

Rev. Mark Powell Democrat Candidate For 9th District organized the “Prayful Protest” at Lawrence County Courthouse Rotunda

The protest was against the actions taken against the community, by people who came from Texas and Missouri to spread Nazi propaganda.

Rev. Bill Vance Assistant Pastor 2nd Baptist Church led the attendees in song and prayer.

“It was my thought to bring the community together, show Lawrence and Owen Counties we are one. As well as all other counties; throughout the State of Indiana. We are One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all people.” Rev. Powell stated.  “Regardless of color, faith, background, that is the American Spirit. We pray the spirit to be ever-present, in our lives today.”

Rabbi Brian Besser Beth- Shalom, Bloomington makes remarks at the event.

He thanked the crowd that attended for caring about the community, and the country, and the City of Bedford. And thanked them for praying for the nation and future.

Liam Dorris Democrat Candidate 9th Congressional District Indiana denouncing Nazism and White Supremacy Saturday

Both political parties were invited to the event.

Speaking at the event were Assistant Pastor 2nd Baptist Church, Bill Vance, Rabbi Brian Besser of Beth- Shalom of Bloomington, and 9th  District Representative  Democratic candidate Liam Dorris. .

During his speech Rabbi Brian Besser of Beth Shalom, in Bloomington, noted that the “The opposite of love is not hate, but the opposite of love is fear. When people leave inflammatory notes  with rocks they are not acting out of hate but of fear.”

Rabbi Brian Besser Beth-Shalom Bloomington

Liam Dorris denouncing Nazism and White supremacy, “We should not allow anyone to divide us.”.

Democrat Candidate Liam Dorris on today’s ” Prayful Protest”

 Rev. Bill Vance said the community could contact the FBI and NAACP to help combat hate crimes.

The event lasted about 45 minutes.

Rev. Mark Powell told WBIW he asked for the resignation of Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore who he believes did not properly investigate this seriously. Powell also stated he contacted the FBI to which they stated they do not comment on any criminal case.

Rev. Mark Powell Ninth District Congressional Candidate

Powell following the event stated,  “ The Spencer Police Department or Bedford Police Department did not take this seriously enough. The vehicle had Missouri plates but held a Texas Drivers license, two males that were with this woman did not want to identify themselves which Powell stated raises immediate red flags.” ..  

Powell states “I am the garbage man, and I am here to go to Washington D.C. and take the garbage out.”