Center-Jackson Fire Territory To Offer Back-Up Ambulance Service In Greene County

(CINCINNATI) – The Center-Jackson Fire Territory has announced that they will be putting an ambulance in service shortly.

EMS 2 will be put in service shortly to cover emergency medical calls in Greene County when the ambulance service gets busy.

The department is currently getting the ambulance street-ready by completing the proper paperwork as well as stocking the ambulance.

The ambulance will be a Basic Life Support Ambulance and will not be staffed full-time. The ambulance will be running as back-up to the Greene County Ambulance Service when needed and during special events in the area.

“This is no way trying to take away from our county ambulance service because they do an excellent job helping the community. But, it can be used if they run out of ambulances during a busy day,” said Chief Jeremy Inman.

Center-Jackson has 15 EMT’s (higher certification) to staff the ambulance and several Emergency Medical Responders to assist when needed.

The ambulance will be stationed at the Cincinnati Fire Station on State Road 54.