Bedford Housing Authority Purchases Property

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Housing Authority purchased property located at 1306 Lincoln Avenue from Land Sales Trust for $11,083. The property will be used for additional parking.

In other business:

Seven bids were received for lawn mowing. The bidding process closed on November 30th and is now under review. The Board of Commissioners will vote on the bids in January.

The Bedford Housing Authority is seeking to find cheaper insurance for Commercial, Liability, Auto, and Workman’s Compensation. A 5-year loss statement was sent to one company. An update will be provided during next month’s meeting.

Six apartments are set for renovation at Hamilton Courts Apartments. The Begarly Group has been hired to consult on the project which will be responsible for bids, contracts, and specifications for the project.

Kay Held and Mel Rile’s terms expire at the end of December for the Board of Commissioners. Kay Held will remain on the commission. Held has served for over twelve years on the Board of Commissioners.

Mel Rile does not want to serve another term. Rile has served over 10 years on the Board of Commissioners and will be retiring from the City Planning Commission in March.

A recommendation will be made to Mayor-Elect Sam Craig who will appoint someone to the open seat. This individual usually has maintenance or building experience in order to help advise the board.

The Board of Commissioners tabled the calendar for 2020. They are looking at days off for the employees for the upcoming year.

Officers for the Board of Commissioners will remain the same for 2020 after a vote was made to keep the officers the same. Officers for 2020 will include Donna Tuslusek – Chairman, DeWayne Turpen – Vice-Chairman, and Bobbi Ames – Secretary,

A resident of Hauck House expressed concerns over the pet policy, and where the money being spent on the tenants goes.

Over $4,100 is allocated for the tenants for various things to help maintain morale and activities for the tenants.

This Saturday, a pizza party is going to be held for the residents of the Housing Authority. On Thanksgiving, over 80 residents attended the dinner held at the facility.