Board Of Works Approves Humane Society Agreement

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Works voted to renew their the agreement with the White River Humane Society.

The Board approved $30,000 which is the same amount allotted for years.

Monday was the last Board of Works meeting with Mayor Shawna Girgis

The Board also approved the proposed street lights to be placed in the parking lot of the Lawrence County Museum.

Since the John Williams administration, the Lawrence County Historical & Genealogical Society has agreed to allow the public to park in their lot.

The city stripes the parking lot, keeps the lot paved and does other maintenance as part of the agreement. They also signed a twenty-year memorandum between the Lawrence County Historical & Genealogical Society.

Under the recommendation of Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore, the Board of Works approved additional parking spaces on 16th Street near the H Street intersection. Shelley Kenworthy requested the additional parking for her business that will have a spa, coffee shop and serve pastries according to Plan Commissioner Dan Kirk. Because the location is on a state and federal highway it will have to be approved by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The request is for four additional parking spaces but INDOT will have the final say.

Tim Thompson and the City Bedford entered into a quitclaim seed that was approved Monday afternoon. Tim Thompson owned part of the alley on Maiden Lane by Harp Commons. The city has maintained the alley and kept it paved and removed snow during inclement weather. Thompson says he did not want to pay property taxes on property he did not use.

McIntyre Brothers will inspect the city’s ten tornado siren’s for 2020 for a total cost of $2,800. The contract was approved by the Board of Works.

The City of Bedford entered into an Inter-Agency Agreement with Hoosier Uplands to work on IT, CCI, and phone systems. The agreement started in 2010.

2nd Class Firefighter Levi Clark status as a permanent firefighter has been approved.

“He is a real asset to our department,” commented Fire Chief DeWayne Turpen.

David Richards has been hired contingent on the approval of the Indiana Public Retirement Board. He passed all local evaluations and the pension board approved his hiring. He replaces a firefighter that has retired.

The Board approved and accepted the Incubator Space License Agreement for the temporary use of facilities located at the Bedford Development Center located at 405 I Street. (Old Oakland City College Building). Currently, there are only three businesses in the building that are paying rent.

The agreement will have the business using the facilities to submit information for a sliding scale rent once the businesses located there start making a profit. The rent will be on a sliding scale basis. The total rent that will be charged to each business has not yet been entered into the agreement.

Businesses that use the Facilities:

  • BD Blackwell Consulting LLC Room 207
  • 5D Analytics – Room 226
  • E3 Bridge – Room 225
  • Robert Williams & Company – Room 233
  • Triton Mechanical – Rooms 200 – Rooms 201
  • RaceFace Graphics – LLC – Room 118
  • Aluminosity Robotics – Rooms 228, 230, and 231
  • Lawrence Count STEAM Robotics – Rooms 211 and 212
  • BA Gear- Rooms 307,308, and 309
  • Vercil’s Studio – Room 227

Greg Pittman and the Board of Works approved an agreement for the overdue bill collection of city utilities. The work is done through his law office at a 25 percent rate of collection. He also submitted a conflict of interest with the City of Bedford.

“I do not know how long I will continue to provide this service; it is difficult and time-consuming to do this work,” Pittman added.

The Board of Works approved the following encumbrances which projects were approved this year but will not be invoiced until next year. This will carry over from 2019 into the 2020 budget year.

  • Clerk-Treasurer for 3 computers and monitors for an upgrade to Windows 10 from Hoosier PC. $3,866.97
  • City Administration for one computer/monitor for an upgrade to Windows 10 from Hoosier PC. $1,288.99
  • City Administration for chairs/desks for Stonegate Cybersecurity classroom from RJE Business Interiors. $17,302.40.
  • City Administration for software/labor for new computers in CyberSecurity at Stonegate from Ovation Technology Group. $6,092.
  • City Administration for Panel Articulating Room Dividers for Stonegate through Johnny Signs. $8,124
  • Planning- Buildings & Demos $28,690 for Goff Refrigeration Building
  • Planning- Machinery, and equipment $1,550 for Computer upgrades.
  • Fire – Personnel for 2020 Retirement of Bedford Firefighter Vacation, Holiday, and Compensatory time. $11,271.63.
  • Fire – Machinery & Equipment $219,293 for partial payment on 2020 E-One Custom Rescue Pumper from Fire Service Inc.
  • Fire – Machinery & Equipment $4,321.93 for Sensit Multi-Gas Personal Monitors from Fire Service Inc.
  • Police – Other supplies flooring from Axom’s Flooring. $796.41
  • Police – Repairs & Maintenance Labor for Flooring $712.95
  • Police – Machinery & Equipment $31,829 for police car from John Jones Automotive Group.
  • Police – Improvement Machinery & Equipment $6,726 for office furniture from Bedford Office Supply.
  • Park – Improvement other than buildings $14,260 for Red Brick floor repair from Sander Services.
  • Park – Other Capital Outlay $270 from Ben’s Stone Quarry.
  • Park – Other Capital Outlay $2,911.85 for border timber from Integrity Recreation Concepts LLC.
  • Park – Other Capital Outlay $ $1,331.50 for lumber from Lowes
  • Otis – Other Capital Outlay $8,400 for Clubhouse Carpet from Elan ( Mathias Construction)
  • Otis – Other Capital Outlay $5,865 for septic system Steve Spires.
  • Otis – Other Capital Outlay $64,031.80 for new building from Graber Post building.
  • Otis – Other Capital Outlay $13,229.61 for building supplies, Lowes.
Toney Ravenna receives a token of appreciation from Mayor Shawna Girgis.

In the final Board of Works meeting, Tony Ravenna was honored for his work with Shawna Girgis. He was given a token of appreciation for his work with no pay over the years.

Tony Ravenna alongside Bedford Mayor Shawna Girgis.

“You are an amazing person. You are real and honest. You can get my goat, but you were painfully honest on several occasions. And in a difficult time when I was trying to decide what to do. He said what is the right thing to do next,” said Mayor Girgis.