BNL Girls Basketball Team Reads To Lincoln Elementary School Students

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford –North Lawrence Lady Stars Basketball Team came to Lincoln Elementary School on Friday to read to students.

Back row left to right: Madison Webb, Peyton Sweet, Haley Deckard, Grace Kinser, Makena Moore, Front row left to right Karsyn Norman, Jenna Louden, Gracie Crulo-Rood, Chloe Mcknight, and Irye Gomez

“This was my daughter’s Madison idea, who is on the BNL High School Lady Stars Basketball Team who wanted to come and read to the students,” says Brad Webb Lincoln Elementary School Principal.

Jenna Louden, and Makena Moore read to Ms. Spence’s Class ” The Last Christmas Tree and A Gingerbread Christmas

Lady Stars Madison Webb, Peyton Stewart, Haley Deckard, Grace Kinser, Makena Moore, Karysyn Norman, Jenna Louden, Gracie Crulo Rood, Chloe Mcknight, Iryr Gomez went in a group of two’s and visited each of the classrooms and read a Christmas themed story.

Audio: Chloe Mcknight and Iry Gomez BNL Lady Stars

In Ms. Spence’s Class Jenna Louden and Makena Moore were able to get two stories read. The stories included “The Last Christmas Tree” and “A Gingerbread Christmas”.  All of the students listened intently as the stories were read.

Following the reading of the story, the students questioned the ballplayers asking them whether they drove cars and what position they played on the basketball team.

Chloe Mcknight and Irye Gomez read to Mrs. Owens 5th Grade Class ” How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

Then Chloe Mcknight and Irye Gomez read “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” in Mrs. Owens’s 5th-grade class. All the students were happy to have the Lady Stars come and visit.

Chloe Mcknight and Irye Gomez read to Mrs. Johnson’s Fifth Grade Class at Lincoln ” How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.