Bedford Board Of Works To Meet Monday, December 16th

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Board of Works will meet Monday, December 16th at 4 p.m. in the Mark Scherschel Council Chambers.

Here is the agenda for Monday’s meeting:

Call To Order

Reading Of Minutes – November 18th – Regular Meeting

New Business:

Request Acceptance Of Letter Of Request For Retirement – Detective Captain Brandon Woodward  – Chief Terry Moore

Request Approval For Additional Parking Space For 802 16th Street  – Requested By Shelley Kenworthy – Chief Terry Moore

Request Consideration Of Proposed Street Lights And Approval Of Duke Energy Street Light Agreement – 2 Street Lights At 1407 J Street – Option A  – Dan Kirk

Request Approval And Acceptance Of Humane Society Agreement – Mayor Shawna Girgis

Request Approval Of Quitclaim Deed – Between Timothy R. Thompson And City of Bedford  – Mayor Shawna Girgis, Greg Pittman

Request Approval And Acceptance Of McIntyre Brothers Proposal For 2020 – Bi-Yearly Inspection On Ten (10) Emergency Tornado/Warning Systems -$2,880 –  Chief Terry Moore

Request Approval And Acceptance Of Inter-Agency Agreement Between the City Of Bedford And Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corporation For IT Services – Mayor Shawna Girgis, Debbi Andry

Request Approval And Acceptance Of Personnel Promotions – Permanent Status – Chief DeWayne Turpen for  Levi J. Clark – Firefighter 2nd Class

Request Approval Of Hiring David A. Richards – Firefighter 3rd Class – Contingent Upon The Approval Of INPRS Board – Chief DeWayne Turpen

Request Approval And Acceptance of Memorandum Of Understanding Between The City Of Bedford And The Lawrence County Historical & Genealogical Society – Mayor Shawna Girgis

Request Approval and Acceptance Of The Incubator Space License Agreement For The Temporary Use Of Facilities Located At Bedford Development Center, 405 I Street – Marla Jones

  • BD Blackwell Consulting, LLC – Room 207
  • 5D Analytics – Room 226
  • E3 Bridge – Room 225
  • Robert Williams & Company – Room 233
  • Triton Mechanical – Rooms 200 And 201
  • RaceFace Graphics, LLC – Room 118
  • Aluminosity Robotics – Rooms 228, 230 And 231
  • Lawrence County STEAm Robotics – Rooms 211 And 212

Discussion And Approval Of Encumbrances

Approval To Sign Claims



The public is always welcome to attend these meetings.