School Board Members Tour Schools And Conducts Open Work Session Saturday

(BEDFORD) – North Lawrence Community School Board members toured several of the buildings within the corporation Saturday to get a perspective on how the consolidation will look.

Following the tour, school board members conducted an Open Work Session. The public got a chance to listens to questions and answers between school board members and Dr. Ty Mungle

Rick Roll from Esolve Solutions was also in attendance to provide the data requested by school board members to help make their decision.

The public was not allowed to address anyone during the meeting.

“None of us wants to close schools. We need to create more opportunities for our kids, which we cannot do right now,” said school board member Dr. Kamal Girgis.

School board members will now go over all the data, look at the real estate the school currently owns and determine what is needed and what is not. They will look at the different plans and if they pick a plan to close schools they want to make sure the other schools can handle the number of children that will be transferred to those buildings. The school board is also considering a public referendum. A referendum is a direct and universal vote in which an entire electorate is invited to vote on a particular proposal.

On Monday, December 16th there will be another Open Work Session. The public is invited but will not be allowed to participate in the discussions.