Bedford North Lawrence High School Principal Recommends Going To Tri-Semesters

(BEDFORD) –  Bedford North Lawrence High School Principal Todd Tanksley recommended to the school board they move towards trimesters instead of the current semesters. The school year will remain on 180 day schedule and other schools have already moved to this new schedule.

This will go from a 2 semester grading period to a three- semesters grading period. The recommendation comes after meeting with seven teachers and Mrs. Clark the guidance counselor at Bedford North Lawrence High School.  The move will also help teachers with professional development.

Each grading period will be twelve weeks long. This will improve instructional time, along with opportunities for the students. In the end, it helps with improving grades, attendance, and discipline issues. The new three semesters will provide professional development, with the high school receiving a $200,000 grant that helps with staff development and planning.

The board took the request under advisement so they can get familiar with the program and a vote will be taken next board meeting.

 This will not impact the 2020-2021 calendar and the board approved the school calendar for next year. The 2020-2021 calendar is similar to Mitchell and Shoals School Corporations to help Career Center students be on the same schedule.

The school board also voted to discontinue to be the lead agency with Joint Services. The North Lawrence Community Schools has been a part of Joint Services since the 1970s. During that time North Lawrence Community Schools were responsible for the hiring of personnel and absorbing some of the financial costs. There was some reimbursement from the state, and other revenues but the corporation was never fully compensated. With over 1,200 students alone in the North Lawrence Community System, the corporation thought it best, just to focus on those students alone.  

The school board also approved a $2.5 million dollars additional appropriations to cover $1.5 million in deficit in the operating budget and $1 million in the education budget.

The board also approved moving to a new Property/Casualty/Workman’s Compensation carrier. The bid of German American was at $540,281 and the Escrow Property Trust at $489,622. This was saving around $200,000. The board voted to approve contingent on School Attorney Greg Pittman reporting back on Employee Liability Section of the policy. The Trust encompasses over 86 other school districts.

The corporation also accepted the resignation of Larry Leonard.