Lawrence Co. Election Board Takes No Additional Action On Oolitic Town Election Complaints

(OOLITIC) – The Lawrence County Election Board met on November 15th to hear complaints filed by three individuals regarding reports of irregularities, which included potential criminal conduct. 

The three complaints were filed by Leah Gross, Carol Franklin, and Dirk Sears regarding polling site issues that occurred on November 2nd during early voting at the Oolitic Town Hall.

The Election Board takes seriously the requirements set out in state law for the conduct of elections. The Election Board is charged with oversight and compliance with state law in local elections.

The Election Board has the authority to impose sanctions of a violation of the rules that have been proved, which can include a referral to the prosecutor.

Following the review of the complaints filed in conjunction with the municipal general election of 2019, the Lawrence County Election Board has decided to take no further action on the complaints. 

The Lawrence County Election Board recommended that if the individuals involved in the complaints become involved in the elections in the future, he or she should become familiar with the applicable rules.