North Lawrence Community Schools Operating In Deficit Spending

(BEDFORD) – The North Lawrence Community Schools will have to ask for additional money for both their education and operations budgets.

The operational cost so far for the month of November is $3,575,884.92, and the payroll was $416,902.60. Funds are in the accounts for these costs.

More information on the additional requests will be addressed at the December 5th meeting.

Dr. Ty Mungle stated that the school corporation will be operating on a $1.1 to $1.3 million deficit this year.

The business office’s new software system is now up and operating. Mrs. Roane reports that this new system will now allow one person to complete payroll in one day and streamline the process. Before the software was installed it took three people working almost two weeks to complete. Officials say that there were some errors last week with the payroll, but that has been addressed. Employees will now have access to their payroll information such as W-2’s whenever they need it.

Transportation Director Duane Boady reports that they hired two substitute bus drivers and will hire two more in the near future. He also reports that an Oolitic Middle School contract route has been eliminated. The transportation department is now preparing for snow removal.

The school board approved the contract with the Equitable Educational Services for professional development for teachers. The grant was for $245,421. 

Greg Pittman requested the school board implement the adoption of North Lawrence Community School records request forms. The request forms will be on the school corporation’s website. Requests can be emailed or mailed. This will allow officials to track the requests and to be able to keep those requesting the information advised of the progress on their request.

Several individuals addressed the board on Thursday night in regards to the Visionary Committee recommendations.

Jay Combs addressed the school board about his current medical condition as well as concerns of no pay raises for support staff of the North Lawrence Community School Corporation. Combs stated that for the last eleven years support staff have not received a raise.

Combs stated that under the IU Health Plan school employees have a deductible of $5,000 and out of pocket expenses up to $1,750. He says he pays $88.25 bi-weekly for health insurance. Under the new Unified Health Plan employees will now have a $6,250 deductible and pay up to $6,250 in out of pocket expenses – leaving an employee spending more than $13,500 in out of pocket expenses.

“You are not taking care of your employees,” Combs said. “I asked for a $3 raise, but the support staff never received one. We hear teacher raises, it’s all about ‘we are here for the children’, but you do not mention anything about the support staff.”

Ashley Ritter addressed the board in regards to issues she is having with her 7-year old son being left at her home or with babysitters when he should have been delivered to other locations. Her son is a high-functioning student with autism. On one occasion the Bedford Police Department and Lawrence County Police Department were contacted because her son was missing. Then on two other occasions her son was dropped off at the wrong location.

Ritter has met with Joint Services, the principal at Parkview and other people that were involved in his care. She is just concerned communication is broken and that the systems need to be improved.

Ritter is also concerned with the plans to consolidate and with more students in buildings whether students with special needs will be safe.

The Knights of Columbus donated more than $10,000 to Joint Services. This will help both the Bedford North Lawrence High School and Bedford Middle School.

Following are personnel changes approved by the board:


  • Deidra Garines – Transferring from Bedford Middle School Resource Instructor to Bedford Middle School Health Instructor effective December 2nd.
  • Debra Darnell – Transferring from Dollens Middle School to Heltonville as Custodian effective November 18th.
  • Whitney Harrison – Transferring from Lincoln Elementary to Parkview as Instructional Assistant December 2nd.
  • Chaney Makiah – Transferring from Bedford North Lawrence Cook to Bedford North Lawrence Assistant Kitchen manager November 25th.

Support Staff: 

  • Administrative – Misty Chase Stalker Temporary Instructional Assistant effective, December 2nd.
  • Middle School – Brooks Arnold- North Lawrence Community Schools Wrestling Coach
  • Bedford North Lawrence High School – Jeff Allen – Bedford North Lawrence High School Head Girls’ Basketball Coach
  • Jack Bailey – Bedford North Lawrence High School School Co-Assistant Swimming Coach
  • Josh Cameron – Bedford North Lawrence High School Varsity Assistant Wrestling Coach
  • Jeremy Gilbert – Bedford North Lawrence High School Volunteer Head Freshman Boys’ Basketball Coach.
  • Amanda Harrell – Bedford North Lawrence High School Girls’ Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Brett Holtz – Bedford North Lawrence High School Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Coach
  • JD McCombs- Bedford North Lawrence High School  Co- Assistant Swimming Coach
  • Heather Needham – Bedford North Lawrence High School Boys’ Basketball Concession Manager
  • Zac Robbins – Bedford North Lawrence High School Boys’ Varsity/Junior Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach
  • Chase Spreen – Bedford North Lawrence High School Girls’ Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach


  • Brittany Dalton – Resigning as Lincoln Elementary Title 1 Instructional Assistant


  • Catherine J. Hodge – Retiring as Business Office Benefits Administrative Assistant

Medical Leave: 

  • James A. Edwards – Requesting medical leave from November 6, 2019, to approximately November 26th.

Administrative Leaves:

  • Sarah Lee – Placed on administrative leave. This leave began on October 25th and will continue until further notice.
  • Larry Leonard – Placed on administrative leave from October 31st until November 13th. Placed on paid administrative leave a second time on November 14th and will continue until further notice.