Paving On Lincoln Avenue Has Begun

(BEDFORD) – Paving on Lincoln Avenue has begun after Bedford Utilities had several delays due to issues with pipes, connectors and other unforeseen complications.

Paving began Wednesday on Lincoln Avenue

Utilities Director Misty Adams was hoping to have Lincoln Avenue completed by the first of November but the weather slowed some of the progress on this major project.

On Monday, the Board of Works approved a payment of $41,161 for additional work along the 4th and P streets. Officials say that crews ran into issues with drains and pipes within the sanitary sewer systems. Crews noted that they did not want to tear up these streets while the Lincoln Avenue project was still going.

Weather and other complications delayed the project. The project will not be completed until mid – 2020 while more work is needed around 4th and P Streets.

The cost of the sanitary sewer repairs is $84,279. Adding in additional costs, the total project will cost more than $126,000.

Once work on Lincoln Avenue is finished the stormwater project will move to nearby side streets.

Lochmuller Group will be conducting additional inspections while work is wrapping up. Officials say that the work by Lochmuller Group will not exceed $90,000.

The total water and sewer project is not expected to be completed until mid- 2020.