Mitchell Student Detained after Making Hit List, Threatens Other Students

(MITCHELL) – A 16-year-old Mitchell boy was detained Wednesday after he allegedly made a hit list and threatened other students.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, School Resource Officer Rob German was alerted of a possible hit list and rocket launcher threat after everal parents contacted the school about a possible hit list.

German spoke to the teen who admitted to telling other students he was going to bring a rocket launcher to the school to shoot people. But the student told German he didn’t make a hit list but was aware of the rumor being spread about one and he was being accused of making it.

German spoke to other students and learned that the teen was telling other students about the list and if they were on it or not.

After Officer German’s investigation was completed, he contacted juvenile probation and the teen was transported to Lawrence County Circuit Court for a detention hearing. The teen was then transported to the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center.