Parkview Student Wins Little Miss Indiana

(BEDFORD) – Last weekend, 8-year-old Serenity Roach, of Bedford, won the Little Miss Indiana contest in Indianapolis. Serenity is a third-grader at Parkview Primary.

Serenity wore a dress her cousin from Texas gave her. She too competed in the pageant. Her cousin is a friend to Miss Texas, so the sash and dress were given to Serenity by the cousin.

Serenity Roach age 8, a third-grade at Parkview won the National American Indiana Pageant.

“It was a fun competition; now Serenity will go on to compete in the National American Indiana Pageant that will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis,” said Tara Roach, Serenity’s mother.

The next contest will be a little more involved. It will include introducing herself to the crowd, preparing a resume, formal wear and a formal interview. She is also required to bring a children’s book and school supplies for the community service project.

“I really enjoyed myself, and met some friends from Mitchell,” Serenity said. 

“We want this to be fun for her, and not really as a competition, like most people think. We keep it friendly, and the other parents and kids involved in this have been great,” Tara added.

This was not the first competition that Serenity has been involved in.

Serenity has competed in several local competitions – The Little Miss Persimmon, Persimmon Festival Mini, Salt Creek Pageant and this year’s Forbidden Hallows competition.

Serenity also volunteers in the community. She helps at the Kiwanis Fish Fry in Oolitic; something she can add to her resume.

If she wins in Indianapolis or is in the top five, she will be allowed to compete in the National Competition in California.