Vigo County Man Arrested for Poaching White-Tailed Deer

(TERRE HAUTE) – Indiana Conservation Officers arrested 30-year-old Clint D. Lawson, of Terre Haute, Sunday evening on a warrant stemming from charges related to multiple counts of illegal taking of white-tailed deer.

Lawson was taken to the Vigo County Jail and held on a $10,000 bond

An investigation into Lawson’s alleged illegal hunting activities began in January 2018. Indiana Conservation Officers seized three sets of white-tailed deer antlers from Lawson in June 2018.

The three sets of antlers were, according to Lawson, scored 171”, 181 3/8”, and 185 7/8”. The size and quality of the antlers were used by officers to assess respective fair market values at $1,700, $2,300, and $2,300, estimated conservatively, at the low end of the pricing spectrum. As a result of the estimated combined value of the deer, three additional charges of theft were filed. 

Lawson was arrested on three felony counts of theft, and two misdemeanor charges of unlawful taking of white-tail deer, and a misdemeanor charge of assisting a criminal.