Watch for State Road 37 Lane Shifts near Overpass Construction

(MARTINSVILLE) – Drivers should slow down, stay alert and avoid distractions as traffic adjusts to lane shifts on State Road 37 beginning tomorrow, Nov. 2.

Contractors will be removing a large pipe under State Road 37 in the overpass construction zone near Martinsville High School and Grand Valley Boulevard businesses. The lane shifts are expected to occur over about one week.

State Road 37 will remain restricted to two lanes, one in each direction, with a 45 mph speed limit.

State Road 37 traffic accessing the Martinsville Walmart and nearby businesses along Grand Valley Boulevard should exit at State Road 252 or Mahalasville Road. From the north, an improved Cramertown Loop connects the businesses with State Road 252 just east of State Road 37. From the south, a new road (Artesian Avenue) connects the businesses with Mahalasville Road at a stop sign near South Elementary School.