BMV Receives Operating Extension for Qualified Agriculture CDL Drivers

(UNDATED) – The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) announces the extension of operating season for qualified drivers with a Restricted Class B Commercial Driver’s License for Agricultural Purposes (Restricted Class B CDL).

Under this extension, granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, individuals with this endorsement are granted an additional 45 operating days beyond the normal 180-day maximum. This extension is available through Dec. 31, 2019, or until an individual reaches the new 225-day maximum.

BMV Commissioner Peter Lacy

“Hoosiers working in agriculture have faced a tough planting and harvesting season making it extremely difficult to operate within a limited 180-day window. This extension gives our communities needed opportunity to maximize days left in the season,” states BMV Commissioner Peter Lacy. 

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch acknowledged the difficulties facing farmers and agriculture workers this year and expressed her appreciation for the extension. “Weather is a huge unknown in the agriculture industry, and this year our farmers especially felt that unpredictability,” said Lt. Governor Crouch. “Thank you to the BMV for recognizing the uncertainty in the planting and harvesting season, and for providing this much-needed extension to our hardworking farmers and agriculture workers. And with this extension, I also want to encourage all our motorists to be mindful, slow down and share the road to ensure the safety of our drivers, passenger, and farmers.”

Prior to this extension Restricted Class B CDL drivers who had reached 180 days in calendar year, 2019 could no longer operate. Restrictions will revert back to the normal period beginning Jan. 1, 2020, restricting individuals from exceeding 180 days in any twelve (12) month period.

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