Four Injured in Accident Involving NLCS Bus

(BEDFORD) – Four people were injured in a two-vehicle accident that involved a North Lawrence Community Schools bus.

The accident happened at 3:33 p.m. on Monday at John Williams Boulevard and X Street.

According to a Bedford Police report, the bus driver, 53-year-old Rhonda Miller, of Bedford, suffered an asthma attack after the accident and suffered contusions and bruises to her chest during the accident.

Two students on her bus were also injured.

Brandy Wall, 12, and 13-year-old Bryanna Walls, both complained shoulder and upper arm pain. Both girls also suffered a panic attack.

Miller and the two children were transported by ambulance to IU Health Hospital for medical treatment. When police arrived at the hospital, the two children were being released from the hospital. Bryanna’s right arm was in a sling and she was still complaining of shoulder pain. Brandy had no known injuries but was checked out because of the panic attack.

Superintendent Ty Mungle and Transportation Director Duane Boady

The other driver, 51-year-old Ronald Hollars, of Bedford, suffered minor bleeding to his shoulder and upper arm. He refused medical treatment following the incident.

According to police, Hollars was traveling east on John Williams Boulevard in a 2015 Western Star semi and was behind the school bus. He told police there was a blue car in front of the school bus. Hollars says the driver of the blue car suddenly turned into the right lane. Hollars says when this happened he noticed the school bus was stopped in the left lane waiting to turn onto X Street. Hollars says he swerved around the left side of the bus and crossed the double yellow line to avoid colliding with the rear of the bus. Hollars says he hit the rear of the bus then swerved back into the right side of the double yellow line in front of the school bus.

Miller, who was driving the bus, was unable to speak to officers about what happened because of her medical condition. She did say she was turning left when the bus was hit by the semi.

Police stayed on the scene until Indiana State Police arrived on the scene to inspect the semi tractor-trailer. The trooper reported that there were no violations that could have contributed to the accident.

After both vehicles were inspected they were driven away from the scene.