Public Comment On Visionary Committee Recommendations Will Be November 14th

(BEDFORD) – The public is invited to the Bedford-North Lawrence High School Performing Arts Center to speak for or against the recommendations of the Visionary Committee on November 14th at 6 p.m.

“The committee has met five times being given a plethora of information, data, and eye-opening experience for those serving on the committee,” said Trent Todd President of North Lawrence Community School Board.

“There have been no decisions made at this point,” said Andrew Clampitt.  “Everything at this point is just rumors and speculation. The public will be involved in this process, the Visionary Committee will release its recommendations to the public.”

On November 14th, the public will be allowed to speak for or against the recommendation of the committee.

Doug Jones presented the school board a petition to keep North Lawrence Community Elementary Schools open which included Fayetteville, Heltonville, Needmore and Springville Elementary Schools.

“Dr. Ty Mungle did visit the Heltonville School earlier this month in a meeting with parents and residents of the Heltonville Community. We felt it necessary to start the petition to try to keep our school after our community worked hard to get a new school built into our community,” stated Jones in a phone interview earlier this week. “The Heltonville school this year had only 77 enrolled in the school. “In the grading system from the state the Heltonville School received an A and B grades over the last couple years. And Springville, Stalker, and Needmore receiving D grades from the state,” Jones continued.

“If a school gets a grade below a C, there is no grant funding given to those schools. The only way to keep those schools open is to raise taxes. We feel smaller classes are better, and against consolidating our schools,” Jones concluded. Jones stated more than 500 signatures have been collected during the petition drive as of Monday of this week.

In response to the petition drive, Andrew Clampitt, Communications Director wants the public to know there has been no decision made at this time to close any schools.

“The petition drive is premature, as the work of the Visionary Committee is not yet complete, and no recommendations have been made at this time,”  Clampitt emphasized.

The Visionary Committee will probably have four recommendations narrowed down to about two. The school board will then make the final decision as the visionary committee is only an advisory capacity.

Forty out of hundred community members were chosen to serve on the committee. Thirty-two committee members are actively involved.