Organic Dairy Compliance Course Now Available

(UNDATED) – A new course on Organic Dairy Compliance is now available in the free, online Organic Integrity Learning Center. The course provides an overview of the USDA organic livestock standards with a special focus on dairy operations. Target audiences include certifiers, inspectors and reviewers who assess organic dairies for compliance with the USDA organic regulations, as well as organic livestock and dairy operations interested in gaining a better understanding of the federal requirements.

Course lessons include:

  • Livestock Requirements Refresher
  • Defining the Grazing Season
  • Discontinuous Grazing and Confinement
  • Best Practices for Inspecting Dairy Operations

Access the New Course

About the Organic Integrity Learning Center

The online training, available 24/7 through the Organic Integrity Learning Center, is designed to continually reinforce the consistent application of the federal regulations by accredited certifiers. The Learning Center supports professional development and continuing education for organic professionals working around the world to ensure producer and consumer confidence in the integrity of USDA organic certification.