Bedford Plan Commission And Bedford City Council Approve Storage Facility

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Plan Commission and Bedford City Council approved Roderick Murphy’s plans to build a storage facility on Stevens Avenue.

Bedford Plan Commission and Bedford City Council approved Roderick Murphy’s request to build Storage Units on Stevens Avenue between Pine and Ridgewood Apartments.

According to Dan Kirk Plan Commissioner, only one tenant at the apartment complex voiced concerns about possible water runoff. Due to the property being more than an acre, the State will address those issues should they occur. 

Councilman Bryon Buker stated that most residents in the area are excited about the storage units being located close to the apartment complex so they can store excess property.

The storage units will have fencing around the perimeter and the storage units will be relatively small.

The Bedford City Council adopted the 2020 Budget. In addition, they approved the salaries of elected officials, employees, police officers and firefighters. The total budget for 2020 will be $18,823,508 with more than $17 million being used by tax rates, and $1.6 million without using tax rates.

Manchester Tank Propane Tank business continues to grow

Manchester Tank filed its compliance with Statement of Benefits with the Bedford City Council. The company built a storage pad that covered 1.25 acres. They also made some modifications to their building. The company started a new propane tank production facility which will build 1,000 gallon, 500 gallon, and 325-gallon tanks.

Manchester makes 1,000 gallons, 500 gallons, and 325-gallon propane tanks

Manchester Tanks has increased its business by 60 percent. The company’s workforce has gone from 113 employees to 134 employees with some fluctuation and is running two shifts to meet demands.