Campus Energy Challenge Starts Oct. 14

The annual IU Energy Challenge, a competition between campus buildings to save water and electricity, is a time when all Hoosiers are encouraged to take action and see their positive impact. This year’s contest is Oct. 14 to Nov. 8.

A lightbulb on a green background
The annual IU Energy Challenge runs from Oct. 14 to Nov. 8. Photo by Getty Images

In the 2018 Energy Challenge, participants saved 760,314 kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to powering 848 American homes for a month, and 877,416 gallons of water, equivalent to 1.3 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Before the competition, a baseline of water and electricity use for participating buildings is measured and campus buildings are grouped by similar use. Progress is tracked during the contest, and winners are determined by percentage reduction against their own baseline.

An honorable mention will be rewarded to the buildings in each category (athletics, administrative and academic, residence halls, and Greek houses) that conserve the most water and energy, and one overall winner will be recognized.