651 Take Part In This Year’s Limestone 5K And 1 Mile Race

(BEDFORD) – The Limestone 5K and One Mile Run were Saturday morning with 651 taking part in the event. Out of that number, 88 participated in the Half Marathon, 467 in the 5K, and 96 in the mile run.

651 took part in this year’s Limestone 5K and One Mile

“This was a great day for the race. The number of participants was just about the same as last year,” says Jordan Webb Bedford Parks Assistant Recreation Director.

” Get On Your Mark”

The weather cooperated with the runners as the morning was not too warm and not too cold during this year’s race. 

Ainsely’s Angels took part in this year’s Limestone 5K

Ainsley’s Angels of America participated in this year’s run. The group aims to build awareness about America’s special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. They serve as advocates for providing education and participating as active members in local communities.  

This was Baylee Bennett’s third race throughout Indiana thanks to Ainsley’s Angels

Baylee Bennett was one of Ainsley’s Angels who took part in this year’s run.

“This year’s race makes Baylee’s third race. Her first run was in Indianapolis about three years ago, when Brent and Kathy Voightschild took her to the event in Indy,”  according to Jody Bennett. “We would have never thought she would be able to take part in these types of events and she now can.”

Tristian Staggs shows off his medal

Baylee has muscular dystrophy as well as her brother Landon. Baylee’s parents are  Terry and Jody Bennett. 

Paige Burton and Kylie Staggs make it across the finish line.

The results of this year’s race include:

Half Marathon Female

  • 1st Place: Alisha Wargel 1:29:16:00
  • 2nd Place: Mary O’Reilly 1:31:12.00
  • 3rd Place: Staci Fiddler 1:35:05.00

Half Marathon Male

  • 1st Place: Andrew Jankowski 1:23:29.21
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Coons 1:24:34.75
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Ross 1:29:56.39

Top Lawrence County Female

  • Staci Fiddler 1:35:05.00

Top Lawrence County Male

  • Lester Burris 1:32:27.85

5K Female

  • 1st Co-Champions: Francesca Orozco 22:40.18 and Paige Voightschild 22:52.27
  • 2nd Place: Kayla Ikerd 23:02.82
  • 3rd Place: Alexandra Edwards 24:38.26

5K Male

  • 1st Place: Ty Richardson 18:48.95
  • 2nd Place: Justin Graham 19:44.21
  • 3rd Place: Geoff Bush 20:09.94