High Traveled Railroad Crossing to Be Fixed in Vincennes

(VINCENNES) – Monday morning pigeons took their time walking the rail lines in Vincennes. The quiet pace will soon be replaced with construction on three highly traveled crossings.

WTHI reports, City engineer John Sprague says, INDOT called and will reconstructed as many crossings as they can for what’s left from a $200,000 federal grant

One of the main problem areas is out on Washington Avenue. This crossing is raised up significantly higher than the rest of the roadway and it is rough to drive over.

The crossings at Main street and 15th street will join the crossing on Washington. Sprague hopes the repairs will last a long time.

Sprague says, “They’re going to take out the crossing and put in, they call them thick rubber crossings. It’s similar to the concrete, but instead of concrete, it’s rubber material. It’ll be a lot smoother.”

Along with a smooth ride, the rubber allows CSX to remove the pieces and replace them without major construction. 

Information WTHI, https://www.wthitv.com