Accident Occurs During Persimmon Festival

(MITCHELL) – An accident between a Shriner’s motorcycle and Shriner’s car delayed the Persimmon Festival Parade Saturday afternoon.

The accident happened on Eighth Street between Brook and Oak streets at approximately 2:20 p.m., almost twenty minutes into the parade.

Two AMR ambulances, the Mitchell Fire Department and Mitchell Police Department officials responded to the accident.

Two AMR Ambulances, Mitchell Fire and Police Department officials responded to an accident during the Persimmon Festival Saturday Afternoon

At least one person was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Vicky Schlegel, Parade Chairperson of this year’s parade, was not able to provide details of the accident.

One of the Motorcycles collided with a Shriner Car at the Persimmon Festival this photo was taken prior to the accident.

“We try to err on the side of safety. We try to space the parade units out to prevent accidents. Especially moving units to prevent this type of thing happening,” stated Schlegel.

Shriner car collided with a police motorcycle, similar to the one in this photo. This photo was taken prior to the accident

The parade was delayed approximately forty minutes until the accident scene was cleared.