Youth Deer Season, Sept. 28-29

(UNDATED) – Youth deer season is Sept. 28-29. Youth age 17 or younger on the date of the hunt can participate but must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years of age.

The youth hunter must possess a valid license for hunting deer (youth hunt/trap combo or other) while in the field unless exempt from needing a license. The youth’s adult partner must possess a valid hunting license of any type that is not an apprentice license. 

The youth hunter can take an antlered deer and one (or more) antlerless deer. The youth hunter’s antlerless deer limit is determined by the bonus county quota for the county being hunted. A youth hunter can take only one antlerless deer in a county with a bonus antlerless quota of “A” during the special youth deer season. An antlered deer harvested during the youth season counts toward the statewide bag limit of one antlered deer.

Only one antlerless deer may be taken on DNR-managed Fish and Wildlife areas and some other DNR properties. 

The youth hunter and adult partner must wear hunter orange. The youth hunter may use a legal firearm, bow, and arrow, or crossbow to take a deer. 

The adult partner cannot take a deer and may not possess a firearm, muzzleloader, bow, and arrow, or crossbow while in the field with the youth hunter, except for a handgun carried lawfully. 

The youth hunter must comply with all other deer hunting regulations.