Oolitic Approves Two Projects With Grant Funds

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Town Council met on Tuesday evening in a special meeting to determine which projects they will undertake should they be approved for a grant.

The town is faced with many stormwater issues, many dating back to 2006. In 2006, there were more than 17 areas that needed to be focused on. The town is faced with limited funds and can’t address all the issues.

Oolitic Town Council voted on two projects if approved for grant funds.

Last month the council narrowed those concerns down to five areas. On Tuesday night the council narrowed it to three main areas of focus. Then after a lengthy discussion about finances and concern of not raising sewer rates, the council narrowed the field down to two areas to focus on.

The Council voted to focus on the area at Mathis Avenue as well as the area on Oak Street. The cost to address those two areas is estimated at approximately $680.000. The town will use $20,000 from storm water user fees, $55,000 from a loan at 3.5 percent interest over a 10 year period, and the remaining amount will be funded by the grant.

A public meeting on the grant will be held during the regular Oolitic Town Council meeting scheduled for September 30 at 6:30 p.m.