Colts Fall to Charges in OT

(LOS ANGELES) – Adam Vinatieri had one of the worst games of his career, and it cost the Colts.

Indianapolis lost to the Los Angeles Chargers yesterday, 30-24, in overtime.

The game went into OT in part because Vinatieri missed two field goals and an extra point.

After the game, Vinatieri said the loss is all on him.

“I was lousy,” Vinatieri said, via ESPN. “Obviously, I did not kick well today and let my team down. They played well. Proud of the guys who fought their butts off and came back. … I feel like that loss is 100% on me. You play a team like the Chargers, who obviously are a good team, can’t come in here and miss three kicks and expect to win. That’s too many points to give away.”

The rest of the team doesn’t see it that way though — many players saying they all played a role in the loss.

The Colts stay on the road in Week 2 as they head to Nashville to face the Tennessee Titans.