Missouri Man Suffers Medical Event After Arrest

(SPENCER) – Earlier this week on Sunday, August 25th, Spencer County 911 Dispatch received an emergency call reporting an agitated adult male at the Interstate 64 rest area.

Initially, a Dale K-9 officer responded to the scene and found 24-year-old Taylor Ware, of, Kansas City, MO. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reason with Ware a struggle ensued at which point Ware allegedly battered the Dale officer. The officer then deployed his K-9 partner in efforts to gain control of the situation.

Moments later, a Santa Claus Police officer arrived and witnessed Ware continuing to resist the Dale Officer and his K-9. The Santa Claus officer then deployed his taser but was unsuccessful in subduing Ware. Ware then began to choke the K-9 with one hand, while grabbing the officer’s taser with the other hand. While holding the taser, Ware attempted to deploy the taser on the Santa Claus officer.

Indiana State Troopers from the Jasper Post then arrived after additional assistance was requested.

Ware was placed into handcuffs and temporarily subdued until a previously staged ambulance arrived minutes later. Ware continued to resist while being provided medical attention at the scene.

Ware was initially transported to Jasper Memorial Hospital before being transferred to the University of Louisville Hospital. 

On Wednesday, August 28, ISP officials were told Ware had died at U of L Hospital. The cause of death is unknown at this time. An autopsy has been scheduled for today. 

Those who were at the rest area and witnessed the above described events are encouraged to contact the Indiana State Police Jasper Post at 1-800-742-7475. 

The matter remains under investigation by the Indiana State Police and these are all of the facts that are available for release at this time. 

All next of kin notifications have been made.