Lt. Duckett Promoted to Mitchell Assistant Police Chief

(MITCHELL) – Lt. Ryan Duckett has been promoted to Assistant Police Chief of the Mitchell Police Department effective August 30.

In a Swearing In Ceremony at Mitchell City Hall Friday afternoon, Police Chief Justin Shirley, members of the public, family members, and Mitchell Police Officers joined in celebrating Officer Duckett’s promotion.

Mitchell Police Officer stand with their new Assistant Chief Ryan Duckett

Police Chief Justin Shirley read the following statement:

Lt. Duckett has shown exceptional qualities to support this promotion. Lt. Duckett has the best interests in mind of the Mitchell Police Department and shows through his community involvement and work ethic. I am proud to have such a dedicated Officer working for the Mitchell Police Department. With the assistance and leadership qualities of Lt. Duckett, we will give Mitchell the Police Department it deserves to protect and serve the community. Congratulations Assistant Chief Duckett.

“ I am happy for him. He deserves it. He loves his work, ” said his grandmother Lynn Duckett following the ceremony.

Left to Right – Son Leo, Wife Tamara, Grandmother Lynn, and Mitchell Assistant Police Chief Ryan Duckett

“He has served the Mitchell Police Department for over three years, and as a reserve officer for the Lawrence County Police Department prior to that,” stated Mitchell Police Chief Justin Shirley.

Mitchell Police Chief Justin Shirley places badge on new Assistant Chief Ryan Duckett uniform

Police Chief Shirley placed his badge on his uniform, and Lt. Ducketts wife, Tamara, and son, Leo placed pins on his collar during the ceremony. Several members of the public and fellow officers congratulated Assistant Chief Duckett on his promotion.