The Addict’s Mom Announces Lights of Hope 2019

(JEFFERSONVILLE) – The Addict’s Mom announces their nationwide campaign, Lights of Hope. They will be honoring and supporting those whose lives have been shattered by addiction and remembering those lost. Ceremonies will be hosted by local chapters throughout the United States. In September, candles will burn bright as beacons of hope for the over 22.7 million Americans addicted to drugs.

The Addict’s Mom hopes to highlight:

  • The lack of available resources specifically structured to care for, curtail, and combat addiction issues.
  • Campaigns for foundations, such as hospitals, to increase their efforts in treating those plagued by addiction.
  • Information that is available to those struggling with addiction about where they can receive help
  • The fact that recovery is possible.
  • The need to never lose hope.

Lights of Hope is an offer extended to all to step out of the shadows of shame and stigma and raise their voices as one by lighting three candles to spotlight September as National Recovery Month. One candle represents those in active addiction, the next celebrates addicts in recovery, and the last speaks for those who have perished. Together the tapers embody the hope that one day this national epidemic of death and despair will end. An extremely painful and private battle, most addicts and their families suffer alone.

When Barbara Theodosiou found out that two of her four children had fallen prey to addiction, she knew she had to do something. That something was to announce, very bravely, to the world that she was an addict’s mom and she was not going to hide in shame, but she was going to be there to help every mother like her cope with this beast that was destroying her children and family. There are no breaks, no holidays, and no vacations from this heart-wrenching disease that our children are being engulfed with. The legal system is housing our broken children in their jails and they are not equipped to handle them nor their disease.

Her crusade, now called The Addict’s Mom, a burgeoning Facebook community, is a home for a many-a place where mothers share their hopes, fears, and grief without shame. Like millions of other parents who have lost their kids to addiction, she speaks for all, regardless of the circumstances.

She’s not alone anymore. The Addict’s Mom, now over 100,000 strong, take pride in bolstering battered spirits, sharing the minuscule amount of community resources available, and offering support where once there was none—a huge victory. Come join us and light your candle of hope for a loved one as we “Share Without Shame”.

Please join Marilyn Greenwell with on September 14 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Duffy’s Landing, 2610 Utica Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130. For more information, contact Marilyn at 812-989-8814 or