Campus Bus Launches New and Updated Routes for Fall Semester

(BLOOMINGTON) – IU Campus bus has one new route and three updated routes for the 2019-20 academic year.

Campus Bus is launching a new route and updating three other routes for the fall semester. Photo by James Brosher, Indiana University

The new C Route, which will circulate through the central part of campus, is the only route that runs counterclockwise on a path from 10th Street to Dunn Street to Atwater Avenue to Rose Avenue and Union Street back to 10th Street.

The route updates are:

  • X Route: Previously known as W Limited, the eXpress Route gets you in and out of campus quickly.
  • E Route: Stays on 10th Street when returning and no longer uses Seventh Street.
  • Night Owl: The Night Owl now heads north to 10th Street before heading back to campus.

The fall bus schedule starts Sunday, Aug. 25. Schedules for all routes and a map of all the bus routes are available on the Campus Bus Service website. Riders can see buses in real time using DoubleMaps, but routes are available only when buses are running.