Lawrence County Commissioners Approve Pay Increase of Poll Workers

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Commissioners approved a pay increase for poll workers.

Commissioner Gene McCrackin was not in attendance. He is recovering from a recent surgery.

Clerk Billie Tumey asked to raise the pay for those working at the polls to make their pay equal to those who work in other counties.

Clerk Billie Tumey

The commissioners approved the following pay scale:

  • Inspectors will now be paid $135 (up from $110) plus their training will be paid which costs $25.
  • Democrat judge will be paid $110 (up from $95). The Democratic judge is paid more because they must accompany the inspector back to the courthouse.
  • Republican judge will be paid $95 (up from $75). Clerks will be paid $95 (up from $75) plus the $10 training fee
  • The sheriff will be paid $95 (up from $75).

The former pay, not including training, for the ten voting centers was $5,800 per election. It will now increase to $7,200.

The cost of having 40 precincts with five workers at each precinct cost the county $17,200.

In other business:

Prosecutor Sam Arp

Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp asked the commissioners to approve a contract with Maximus for $20,500. Maximus partners with agencies to ensure children and their families receive the financial child support to which they’re legally entitled. The commissioners approved the request.

Treasurer Paula Stewart asked the commissioners to approve an addendum to the SRI mobile home tax sale contract.

Treasurer Paula Stewart

“It was amazing before the first mobile home tax sale the number of people who came in and paid their past-due taxes,” Stewart told the commissioners.

Highway Superintendent David Holmes says crews are working on the abutments and doing concrete work on Bridge 196 on George Johnson Road.

Highway Superintendent David Holmes

Crews are also looking at a rehabilitation project on the deck of the bridge on East Oolitic Road.

“We want to do this before the deck gets bad and would have to replace the bridge. That would be very expensive,” Holmes added.

Holmes will meet with bridge inspectors on Friday to go over the bridge inspection report.

Bids for work on Bridge 121 on Williams Silversville Road are out and due back on Sept. 17.

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer says more than 20 healthcare agencies will be participating in an active shooting table-top exercise tomorrow at the Mitchell Community Center.

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer

She also asked area residents to stay alert as severe weather could hit the area today.

Sheriff Mike Branham reported that there were 170 inmates housed at the jail as of this morning. Of those, 132 were males, 38 females, five Level 6 offenders, one Department of Correction hold, and one parole hold.

Sheriff Mike Branham

He also thanked the community, local government, and state officials for their support after the police-involved shooting Saturday on Greer Lane in Springville.

“I want to thank everyone,” he added. “The support has been overwhelming. We appreciate it. I have received tons of calls, emails, and text messages and really appreciate the support. We should have everything cleared up in a few days.”