Hoosiers Encouraged to Help Teachers with School Supplies

(INDIANAPOLIS) – State Sen. J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) is encouraging Hoosiers to help teachers this school year. He’s asking community members to chip in for supplies at their local schools.

“Many of you may not know this, but teachers must pay for their classroom supplies out of their own pocket,” Ford said. “I find that to be pretty ridiculous.”

In Indiana, the only way teachers are compensated for buying supplies is with a small tax credit that has to be applied for each year. Ford says the low teacher pay can already be hard to budget with, so he’s calling for parents to buy extra supplies when they shop for their child this year.

“Maybe take a look around you home for any supplies that you don’t use,” Ford suggested. “Donations don’t have to be large and they don’t have to be costly, but I know they’ll be much appreciated.”

Anything from pens, paper, markers, art supplies, tissues, or hand sanitizer could be a great help to Hoosier teachers.