Hoosier Uplands Awards Huron Fire Department PSIP Grant

(HURON) – Hoosier Uplands awarded the Huron Fire Department a $7,000 Grant to purchase some personal protective equipment.

“This is a relatively new grant, which we award to public safety organizations throughout our coverage area,” said Hoosier Uplands CEO David Miller.

The Public Safety Improvement Program grant is a new grant that is awarded periodically throughout the year. 

“Some of the previous recipients have been Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, and Lawrence County Emergency Management,” noted Miller.

Huron Fire Chief gives Hoosier Uplands a plaque after receiving a $7,000 PSIP Grant
From Left to Right; David Miller Hoosier Uplands, Bill Kinser Fire Chief Huron Fire Department, and Danny Baker Hoosier Uplands.

Bill Kinser of the Huron Fire Department says this money will be used to purchase gloves, Nomex hoods, and helmets.

Huron Baptist Church just recently donated $2,000 to the department for the purchase of firefighting boots.

The Huron Fire Department currently has a roster of 24 firefighters and this grant will help keep firefighters in upgraded firefighting gear, says Kinser.