Residents Warned of Scam

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Bloomington Police Department phone number, 812-339-4477, is being used to scam people out of money.

The caller uses the department’s phone number to inform the victim that they have been scammed and they then give a fake social security number for reference.

Next, they advise the victim that the department wants to notify them of the scam. The victim is to then go to their bank, take out all the money from their account and purchase Bitcoin. They are then given a specific place to send the Bitcoin.

If this has happened to you, please call the Bloomington Police Department and report the incident.

Police departments will never ask you to empty your bank accounts or buy large amounts of gift cards or Bitcoin for any reason. They DO NOT call you that you are wanted, your loved one has been arrested or that you have been scammed and ask you for hundreds or thousands of dollars in gift cards or Bitcoin.