Marshall Co. Focusing on Removing Risk for Businesses

(MARSHALL COUNTY) – Pretzels, Inc. is planning to expand it’s operation in Marshall County.

The CEO of the county’s Economic Development Corporation said the commitment is the direct result of the county’s business-friendly environment. It’s a climate Jerry Chavez said the organization has worked for several years to make happen and that it’s all about removing risk for businesses.

“That way, businesses can have a sense of security in terms of what they can expect relative to incentives (and) relative to time frame of those approvals,” said Chavez to Inside Indiana Business. “Part of what we’ve done is shape our program, shape our process and shape that conversation, through consensus building.”

“The more clarity, the more surety you can provide in terms of these incentives, being able to structure deals or even the process of getting those deals approved at the local level, it just adds comfort to them in terms of predictability.”

Chavez said removing the risk associated with these types of deals can improve a community’s competitiveness. He says the feedback the MCEDC has received about its process in economic development has been very refreshing.

“The last thing we want to do is create a lot of red tape and delays, “Chavez added. Ultimately, we feel it’s our responsibility to be very proactive and recognize that if a company is willing to invest, in the case of the city of Plymouth and Pretzels, $71 million, it’s our opportunity to push out the welcome wagon and make it very not onerous for these companies as they go through their process.”