Purdue@Westgate Hosts 2nd Annual Angel Investing in Startups Workshop

(ODON) – The second annual Angel Investing in Startups Workshop and pitch event will be hosted by Purdue@WestGate at WestGate Academy on Tuesday, Aug.6.

The workshop will discuss the fundamentals of angel investing, including the entrepreneurial capital ecosystem, the angel investing process, how to manage post-funding relationships between investors and entrepreneurs and more.

The workshop and panel discussion will be led by Steve Baggott, a certified Angel Capital Association (ACA) instructor.

Baggott is managing director for Strategic Growth Ventures LLC, a Cincinnati-based consulting firm that works with both startups and established corporations to drive business success. Baggott also is a member of the Queen City Angels—the longest-established organized angel group in the Midwest.

“The idea behind the workshop is to provide information, and to bring investors, startup founders and entrepreneurs together to learn the basics that will allow the angel investor-entrepreneur relationship to succeed,” Baggott said. 

Drew Peyronnin, an angel investor and Purdue Foundry entrepreneur-in-residence and founder of the Evansville Regional Angel Network (EVVangelist) said the workshop should be a catalyst for aligning expectations for innovators and investors and hopefully will lead to “far greater investment in far better companies.”

“Our region has seen an explosion of investable innovation-based startups tied to the efforts of the Purdue Foundry and many others. We consistently see a disconnect between the expectations of founders and the investors who could fund them,” he said.

Peyronnin will be one of several angel investors participating in the day’s panel discussions involving other local investors and experienced venture capitalists. All will come together to share their experience and insights on various topics including – Becoming an Angel Investor and Post-Funding Relationships with Startups.

“Entrepreneurship will be critical to Indiana’s economic well-being over the next 40 years,” said Jason Salstrom, director of Purdue@Westgate. “As the Chamber of Commerce just reported, our state ranks 47th in entrepreneurship. We need to massively invest in attracting and growing startups. However, lacking quantity does not mean we lack quality startups to invest in.”

The workshop and pitch event will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 6 at the WestGate Academy, 13598 East WestGate Dr. Odon, IN 47562. Purdue Foundry’s Firestarter program participants and The Lock & Key Coworking members may attend this event at no fee. Learn more about the event and register athttps://firsttuesdayswestgate.eventbrite.com 


  • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Lunch 
  • 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm: Workshop – FUNDAMENTALS OF ANGEL INVESTING
  • Introduction
  • Panel Discussion on Becoming an Angel Investor
  • The Angel Investing Process
  • Panel Interviews – Deal Flow and Screening / Due Diligence / Term Sheets Valuation
  • The Post-funding Relationship with Companies 
  • Panel Discussion on Investor/Director Issues
  • 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm: Break
  • 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm: Startup Showcase and The Spirited Entrepreneur (Networking)

About Angel Capital Association (ACA)

ACA is the professional association of angel investors across North America and offers education, best practices, public policy advocacy, and significant benefits and resources to its membership of more than 14,000 accredited investors, who invest individually or through its 260 angel groups, accredited platforms, and family offices.

About EVVangelist, LLC

EVVangelist – The Evansville Regional Angel Investor List was founded by Drew Peyronnin with the mission to educate and connect both founders and angel investors. Peyronnin has more than two decades of experience making angel investments in Indiana-based startups. EVVangelist emerged from the belief that the future of Southern Indiana depends on a vibrant startup ecosystem and that access to capital is critical to the health of this ecosystem. Many other organizations in the region play roles, formally and informally, in supporting the goals of EVVangelist.

About Purdue@WestGate

Purdue@WestGate is an innovation and technology hub connecting startups, established corporates, universities, organizations and local government entities to support workforce, entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives. Formed through the partnership of WestGate Authority, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division(NSWC Crane), Purdue University and Purdue Research Foundation, the initiative combines institutional strengths to advance educational, research and development and technology commercialization across Indiana and beyond. For more information about the resources available to businesses, visit WestGate website.