Woman Arrested After Stabbing Husband

(EVANSVILLE) – Stabbing her husband is why an Evansville woman is in jail.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said they were called to a home along Glenview Drive in Evansville Saturday to investigate a “reported suspicious circumstances.” It turns out a woman had called 911 saying she stabbed her husband.

“When deputies arrived they went into the kitchen area where they found a white male lying on the floor in a large pool of blood,” Wedding said. “I was on scene and I observed a white male subject lying on the floor. He had a significant wound to the chest cavity.”

Wendy Payne

As that was happening, Wedding’s deputies arrested Wendy Payne outside the house. Wedding said she was “distraught” when they took her into custody.

“She was covered in blood,” Wedding added. “Deputies took her to the sheriff’s operations center to interview her about what happened. When they got there she invoked her right to silence and requested an attorney.”

It was then Wedding said they had to stop their interview.

Wedding said the initial findings of their investigation at the home seem to show Payne’s husband tried to defend himself before he was stabbed. The coroner confirmed to investigators that the stab wound to the chest is what killed him.

Payne has an initial court date set for later this week.