Lawrence Co. Cooling Centers Could Be Opened On Request

(LAWRENCE COUNTY) – According to Lawrence County Emergency Management Director Valarie Luchauer, there are not any cooling centers opened in Lawrence County at this time. However, they could open cooling centers if requests for them come in.

Lawrence County has not had a large response to cooling centers in the past. Lawrence County, unlike Bloomington, does not have a large homeless population and other demographics that tend to bring people to those cooling centers.

Luchauer did offer advice for residents. You can go to the public library or a fire station to cool off prior to requesting a cooling center. If a person wants to put in a request for a cooling center Lauchaer can be reached by calling the Lawrence County Police Department at (812) 275-3316.

“People can also put ice in a container and place it behind a fan and create and old fashioned way of air conditioning. Use wet rags, and be sure to have plenty of water around,” Luchauer says.

There are a number of events that are being held outside this weekend which will require the county monitoring the EMS system. Those events include the Lawrence County 4-H fair, Mid-West Trail Rides, and the Boogie which could keep emergency medical crews quite busy this weekend.