BMV Issues $27,000 In Refunds

(INDIANAPOLIS) — The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles today announced a refund of overcharges claimed in the last two years totaling approximately $27,000.

The refund was a result of underpayment to claims filed between July 1, 2017 and May 31, 2019 for overcharges that occurred from 2002-2006. The underpayment was less than 1 percent of the $30.3M total funds available to claim.

The average underpayment was $3.36 and impacted 8,099 customers. The underpayment of claims was identified during a routine internal audit of processes. Upon identification of the error, the BMV immediately implemented a correction to the system and claims began processing correctly within 24 hours. 

“The BMV is committed to authenticity in its daily processes. Internal audit is a key part of our process to proactively identify issues, hold ourselves accountable, and improve when necessary,” stated BMV Commissioner Peter Lacy. “We will continue to be diligent in providing service to Hoosiers in an accurate, timely, and secure manner.”

All impacted customers have been notified of the additional refund by mail, email, or both. The additional refund has been placed as a credit on their BMV account for the majority of customers. The amount will automatically be applied to a future transaction completed with the BMV. If a customer no longer does business with the BMV, instructions to request the refund in the form of a check are provided in the mail and email notification. Customers who requested to receive a check when the claim was originally submitted will receive the additional refund as a check.

Customers with questions can contact the BMV at