Toyota Manufacturing Looking for 400 Assembly Workers

(PRINCETON) – Toyota Manufacturing in southwest Indiana needs 400 assembly workers.

The plant in Princeton produces the automaker’s popular Highlander mid-size SUV and is investing $600 million to upgrade the facility and allow for the production of 40,000 Highlanders a year.

The pay ranges start at 18.95 an hour with the top rate being $29 an hour.

“The key is we pay you as you’re going to school, so you can raise your family, you can take care of your tuition and after two years, you have two years of work that you can put on your resume that’s hard to get, so that is the critical point of getting people into the workforce,” Millie Marshall, Toyota Manufacturing Indiana president, said. “They actually have the experience right off the bat and do the job.”

Toyota is also making a special effort to encourage more women to enter manufacturing.