Man Arrested on Charges of Burglary and Impersonating a Police Officer

(NORMAN) – Travis Luedeman, 40, was arrested Saturday morning by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Travis Luedeman

Jackson County Sheriff Rick Meyer provided details and events leading up to the arrest.

Sheriff Meyer stated that Chief Deputy Dustin Steward and Lieutenant Adam Nicholson came on duty late Friday evening to assist Deputy Zack Elliott with leads on Luedeman’s whereabouts.

At 1:40 a.m. Saturday, officers went to Luedeman’s residence in the 1100 Block of US 50 west and were assisted by Brownstown Officer Sam Hughes. The officers saw Luedeman and ordered him to come outside. Luedeman fled to a bedroom in the home out of the officer’s sight.

The four officers set up a perimeter around the residence so Luedeman could not escape.

Sheriff Rick Meyer responded to assist and contacted Detective Stan Daralge to assist in obtaining a search warrant for Luedeman’s home. Due to Luedeman being considered armed and dangerous, Sheriff Meyer also contacted the Indiana State Police SWAT team to assist.

While waiting for the SWAT team and the search warrant to arrive, officers spoke to Luedeman by phone and were using a Public Address system. The requested him to surrender and Luedeman stopped communication and said he was not coming out.

At 5:15 a.m. Luedeman was ordered one last time to exit before the SWAT team entry. Luedeman surrendered without incident.

Luedeman was arrested on two counts burglary, theft, pointing a firearm, impersonating a police officer and a charge related to his sex offender status. More charges could be added, says Sheriff Meyer.

Also assisting at the scene was Medora Marshal Richard Hanlin, troopers with the Indiana State Police, and deputies with the Lawrence County Police Department.

Earlier – on Friday morning Jackson County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a burglary in progress in the area of 4000 block of County Road 1250 West in Jackson County. The complainant tried to keep the suspect from leaving but the suspect pointed a handgun at the complainant and left in the vehicle.

The vehicle was followed a short distance and the suspect got out and ran off. The vehicle was recovered by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and was found to be stolen in Seymour.

Later on Friday afternoon a suspicious male who was believed to be the same suspect was seen on a property in the area of County Road 1250 West wearing what was described as a military uniform, badge, gun, and cowboy style hat. The suspect identified himself as a police officer and advised he had permission to be on the property. The suspect left and items of value were found missing by the property owner.